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Get Involved With the Friends of the Yee Fow Museum and the
Yee Fow Center for History, Culture, and Trade

Ordinary citizens can do an extraordinary thing that will encourage Sacramento to utilize its Chinese heritage and help to elevate Sacramento into a destination point worldwide. Ordinary acts become extraordinary accomplishments when efforts are joined in collaboration towards achieving public projects such as the Friends of the Yee Fow Museum's endeavor to establish a Yee Fow Center for History, Culture, and Trade in the Railyards.

Get involved! Join this growing effort to make the Yee Fow Center for History, Culture, and Trade a reality. Your interest and comments are welcome at the Friends of the Yee Fow Museum.

The story of Yee Fow has long been buried, the mission is honorable and the journey is long. However, interested groups and individual are committed to building upon this foundation and collaborating on a Yee Fow Center for History, Culture, and Trade towards becoming a reality and a community jewel for all to discover and enjoy.

For more information on the Yee Fow Center for History, Culture, and Trade download our:

Your participation is welcomed and needed. Please send your support by writing to:

Steve Yee
Friends of the Yee Fow Museum
427 Chinatown Mall
Sacramento, CA 95814

Or email your letter to:

Your tax deductable donations are welcomed.

The Friends of the Yee Fow Museum is a 501c3 nonprofit, volunteer-supported, civic group sponsored by the City of Sacramento’s Gifts to Share program. All contributions and in-kind services are tax deductible, administered by the City of Sacramento, and go entirely to support the advocacy and development of a Yee Fow Center for History, Culture, and Trade in the Railyard.

Donations may be made to:
Gifts to Share/YFM

and send to:

Gifts to Share, Inc
c/o Sacramento Parks and Recreation Department
915 I Street, 5th Floor
Sacramento, CA 95814

We thank you for your support of the Gifts to Share/YFM program (Non-Profit Tax Exempt ID 94-2985546).


Here are a few comments in support for the Yee Fow Center for History, Culture, and Trade:

I never knew about China Slough, the railroad relationship to it or the Chinese who lived in Sacramento. There is shamefully not enough information of all the Chinese did in Sacramento. They are such an important part. This is not good for this city. Why are they always left out? - Paul Hyppolite


Sacramento's Chinese pioneers were the only people to carve out a place in The Railyards and called it "home." Home was called Yee Fow, it is now buried under the Amtrak Depot after being set afire as the Sacramento Fire Department watched, ensuring that Yee Fow would burn but the rest of Sacramento would be safe. The Sacramento Chinese pioneers that contributed so much to what makes Northern California good were left homeless and their belongs are buried, not only in history, still beneath the ground. - Mitch Garbutt, Historian


With so much being said of Sacramento's vision of an improved quality of life and a new mixed use district in the heart of Sacramento, commonly called The Railyard, we cannot incorporate the concept "the past enriches the future" and create a forward looking urban district that "stands on the shoulders" of Sacramento's history by repeating the sins of the past. - Patricia Arias


We feel that anything but a Yee Fow Chinese Museum would be historically irresponsible and obscure the contributions of the only indigenous people of The Railyard, which is the Chinese. It would be tantamount to the Chinese Exclusion Act of 2007. Don't bury us again! - Paul Gee


As native Sacramentan I am grateful to learn more about the sweat and blood of Chinese laborers that contributed so much to Sacramento. The contributions and sacrifices of the Chinese laborers need to be exhibited foremost in the land of their home. It all started right there in the railroad yards and nothing else but a Chinese Museum should be the natural conclusion.- Richard Bennett


I think that a Chinese museum placed prominently in the railroad redevelopment north of downtown will add to our culture here in Sacramento. It would show our diversity and compassion for each other, and for those who worked hard to build it what it is today. Chinese American immigrants are a major part of Sacramento's history Sacraemnto was built on their sacrafices. Showing respect for them can makes us proud of who we are and give hope to all that aspire to live the American dream. - Brian Noble


Sacramento needs to contribute to the understanding of the contributions of Sacramento's Chinese pioneers. The communities created by and for Chinese immigrants are testimony to the legacy of racial and cultural diversity, building the foundation of daily life, the economy and the prosperity of California. Local leaders and policy makers should build a Chinese Museum to ensure the respect and cultural memory the Chinese of Sacramento. - Mike Gutierrez


It is right that we should recognize the Chinese America role in the history of Sacramento in a meaningful manner, whether through a Sacramento Chinese museum and/or an education center. Doing so will recognize deeper roots to the Chinese American history in Sacramento, enrich the educational learning opportunities of our K-12 students, and enhance the heritage of Sacramento as a whole. - Juan Carrillo, Director Emeritus, California Art Council


Many times the only opinions, concerns, and objectives heard in this country are those who come from people in positions of political and or financial power. We are now living in a time where younger generations think of discrimination as an issue of the past, if only that were true. It would be a disgrace to hide and thereby rewrite the history of the rail yard. I am all in favor of a Chinese Museum built in the rail yard, amongst all the other proposed new developments for that land. I only hope that those with the power to actually make the Yee Fow Museum proposal a reality. - Karisa Wigington


We need a Chinese museum to educate Sacramento of the Chinese of Yee Fow and of their rich historical contributions to Sacramento. Build the museum so that generations to come will understand the personal sacrifices made by the Chinese in creating our Sacramento history. - Jose Montoya, Professor Emeritus, CSUS


Many people, especially the younger generation, are totally unaware of the "Driving Out" of the Chinese Americans. Many who enjoy the waterways of the delta do not know about the Chinese building the levees at great sacrifice. Save Sacramento's Chinatown history with a Yee Fow Museum! - Francisca E. Godinez, Ph.D.

Friends of the Yee Fow Museum | 427 Chinatown Mall | Sacramento, CA 95814