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Our Mission

The mission of the Friends of the Yee Fow Museum is to advocate the need for a Yee Fow Center for History, Culture, and Trade in The Railyards of Sacramento that commemorates our forefathers of the Asian Pacific Islanders, the Chinese pioneers of Yee Fow.

Bury beneath The Railyards is Yee Fow, the town of the first Asian Americans who went on to move mountains, building the Cental Pacific Railroad and mining during California's Gold Rush. These Chinese Californian pioneers later went on to part the waters, building the levees of out Sacramento-San Joaquin River Delta and laying the foundation for California’s world-class agriculture.

The contributions and sacrifices of California’s Chinese pioneers of Yee Fow is so much a part of California's history but the story remains mostly forgotten or ignored.

Sacramento deserves no less than a Yee Fow Center. Anything less would be historically irresponsible and would marginalized the indigenous people that fell victim to the ethnic cleansing of the area during America's shameful and ignored period of history called the "Driving Out."

We feel that in developing a Yee Fow Center in Sacramento, the state of California can capitalize on this area's rich Chinese heritage, segue the Yee Fow Center into a gateway to Asia, creating a worldwide destination point in Sacramento.

Our Goals

  • To promote and support the Yee Fow Center, for History, Culture, and Trade
  • To be a vital stakeholder in the excavation of the The Railyards
  • To promote Sacramento's Chinatown Mall as a important link to Sacramento's Downtown and The Railyards.
  • To promote and support AB 2514 - Protection of Human Remains
    AB 2514 - Protection of Human Remains passes Assembly floor .
  • To advocate and implement a California Chinese Model Curriculum for the California Department of Education's History Social-Science Framework. See History Social-Science Focus Group.

California Deserves No Less

Friends of the Yee Fow Museum is currently proposing to the city of Sacramento and Thomas Enterprises to include a Yee Fow Center for History, Culture, and Trade. This center will be an exciting privately funded economic development project that will make Sacramento an international destination point. For more information download our:

The concept for the Yee Fow Center grew out of the initial proposal for a Yee Fow Museum, a Cultural and Educational Center to commemorate the Sacramento Chinese who contributed so much to make Northern California what it is today, but for the most part have been excluded from a current presence in Sacramento's built landscape. The Yee Fow Center is based on the Yee Fow Museum Draft Proposal that was submitted to the city of Sacramento for consideration. The city manager's office forwarded the Yee Fow Museum Proposal to Thomas Enterprises and was well received. We feel Sacramento deserves no less but a Yee Fow Center for History, Culture, and Trade to commemorate the Chinese pioneers that contributed so much to what makes this area a great place to live and also will provide international opportinities for Califonia's future.

Friends of the Yee Fow Museum | 427 Chinatown Mall | Sacramento, CA 95814